Travel Tracks: vince vaughn + tiny’s giant sandwich shop

6 Dec

I decided to start this post in similar fashion to that of a few weeks ago (since the reasons keep piling up).

Reason # 129474 why I love Manhattan: Not only can you leave the doorstep of nearly any apartment in town, turn the corner and see at least 10 places you’d love to eat–BUT–you can also grab a table at your favourite neighbourhood sandwich shop and find yourself front row for a film shoot starring Vince Vaughn.

Approaching the scene above, I wasn’t sure what I’d find around the corner. Turns out it was Vince – no big deal. I waited on the corner by strict demand so as not to disturb the filming with a group of  30 grade four school kids. Their teacher wasn’t too pleased about the waiting (imagine trying to contain that many kids). When the ‘Cut’ finally came, seeing their reaction when they realized who was acting was priceless. Excited murmurs and lots of ‘bounce walking’ ensued- you know the kind. Vince  was great with them, smiling and waving at their animation as they passed by.

As no photos were allowed outside, I knew there had to be a way, and that way was in the heart of a great breakfast/lunch spot – Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop.

I mean, I had to eat lunch anyway, right?

Tiny’s is great because whether you are vegetarian or carnivorous, there is an option for you aside from bread with veggies (unlike Subway). On that note, I decided to rebel from my usual pescetarian diet and order chicken because that’s how I’ve been rolling lately. I loved its spicy hot sauce and the chicken was great, but I opted for mayo instead of the recommended blue cheese sauce. If I were to do it again I’d take the plunge for the blue cheese, but for this time, I guess you could say I ‘chickened’ out. Ha.

I enjoyed watching the filming process and kept amused by the two extras. Every time a scene was about to begin, they took their jobs more seriously than the main actors by brushing their hair, smoothing their clothes, etc. Kudos to them all for filming in the chilly weather though; they looked freezing and bundled up between shoots.

The movie’s slated to be called ‘Delivery Man’ so I’m wondering if this guy has a co-starring role:

Eventually they huddled around to watch clips with the team and Vince seemed to have everyone in stitches, even off camera. They moved to the side of the sandwich shop for further filming but I concluded my time was done. I felt slightly creepy capturing even this much, but as these things rarely happen where I’m from, I swallowed my dignity and paparazzi’d my little heart out.

Thank you Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop for not only a great meal and friendly service, but a front row seat :).

Tiny’s Giant Sandwich Shop
129 Rivington Street  / Lower East Side
New York, NY

One Response to “Travel Tracks: vince vaughn + tiny’s giant sandwich shop”

  1. December 12, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    What a fun experience! I, too, love NYC for those reasons. Thanks for sharing…

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